GLETY 103 Queen of Sheba special (Yemen, Djibouti, Ethiopia with Harar and Historic)

27 days and 26 nigths


1: Aden

Arrival in Aden. Tour. ON htl

2: Ta’izz

Drive to Ta'izz. Drive up to Jebel Sabir over Ta'izz and Sightseeing. ON htl

3: Ibb and Jibla

Hilltop Cities of Ibb and Jibla. Visit the historical site of these Two Cities. ON htl

4: Zabid - Al-Faza beach

Drive to Hodaidah passing the historical city of Zabid and having a short stay at Al-Faza beach. ON htl

5: Manakha

Drive to Manakha and the amazing Haraz villages. O/N in Funduq (a great traditional house).

6: Al-Mahweet

Through the Oasis of Wadi Sara and extra ordinary villages we drive to another hill top town to Al-Mahweet. ON htl

7: Al-Mahweet - Al-Taweela - Kaukaban - Thulla - Sana'a

Passing cave dwellings a Spectacular drive from Al-Mahweet through Al-Taweela, Kaukaban and Thulla to Sana'a. ON htl

8: Djibouti (08/09/10/11/12/13 day)

Boat to Djibouti port, by visiting wonderful islands, diving, snorkeling, islands excursions and more. ON Djibouti town on day 13.

14: Ethiopia: Harar

Enter Ethiopia; drive to DireDawa and Harar. ON htl

15: Harar

Tour of Harar (mosques, city walls, markets, basket production, French poet Rimbaud house, more) and Sofi old settlements. Evening hyena man. ON htl

16: Awash NP

Drive Awash NP and game drive; visit also Afar and Kereyou people. ON camp or htl

17: Mile-Kombolcha

Drive Mile-Kombolcha. Afar and Oromo people. If market day. ON htl

18: Woldya-Lalibela

Woldya-Lalibela. ON htl

19: Lalibela

Rock-hewn churches in Lalibela. ON htl

20: Mekele- Gheralta

Mekele- Gheralta. ON htl

21: Tigray region

Rock-hewn churches of Tigray region. ON htl

22: Yeha - Axum

Drive Yeha temple, Debre Damo monastery- Axum. ON htl

23: Axum

Tour of Queeen of Sheba town: steles, churches, archeological sites. ON htl

24: Semien mountains - Gondar

Cross Semien mountains- drive Gondar. ON htl

25: Gondar - BahirDar

AM tour of Gondar. PM drive Bahirdar. ON htl

26: BahirDar - Blue Nile Falls

Blue Nile falls and PM boat on lake Tana for monasteries. ON htl

27: Addis Ababa - Departure

Fly back Addis. Tour. Evening departure or next day