GLK 105. Omo people & also by boat, down to Kenyan parks

26 days and 25 nigths


1: Addis Ababa

Arrive Addis, tour. ON htl

2: Shala & Abyata Rift Valley lakes NP, Langano lake

Shala -Abyata Rift Valley lakes NP, Langano lake. ON Wenney ecolodge.w

3: Jima

Coffe plantation and visit their works- ON Jima in htl

4: Bebeka

Dizi people- forest- coffee. ON Bebeka camp or lodge.

5: Dizi people

Dizi people- ON Tum camp

6: Surma people

Enter into the fascinating Surma people. For beauty women have circular or trapezoidal plates into their lips. Very interesting culture. Look for the donga stick-fighting game (with luck), and more. ON Tulgit camp

7: Surma villages

Surma villages. ON camp Kibish.

8: Omo park

Proceed to Mui, Omo park headquarter. Visit animals. ON camp

9: Omo park

Omo park. Proceed to Bume people. ON camp

10: Omo Mursi

Drive to Omo Mursi, at Omo river. Mursi people. Similar at Surma. Here also women put circular plates into their lips for beauty. ON camp. Prepare for the boat trip

11: Start rafting

Mursi Hanna- Bume people villages. ON camp

12: Mursi Beret village

Visit Mursi people and ON camp next to Mursi Beret village

13: Kupria Bume village

Visit Mursi and Bume people. ON next to Kupria Bume village in camp

14: Mugugi people

Visit Mursi and Mugugi people. ON Mugugi camp

15: Visit Karo people

Visit Karo people. ON Kortcho camp, with very nice view over Omo river. End raft

16: Turmi (hamer peple)

Drive to the Hamer people. ON Turmi. Bungalows o camp Evangadi lodge

17: Hamer people vilalges

Visit Hamer people vilalges, dances (Evangadi), marriage ceremonies with luck with the bull jumping, and if market days. ON Turmi.

18: Omorate and Dassanech people

Omorate & Dassanech people- Incorenana people- Eleret.

19: Sibiloi game drives

Sibiloi game drives, and petrified Forest Hike. ON Sibiloi camp or lodge

20: Elmolo and Turkana people

Visit Elmolo and Turkana people. ON camp or lodge

21: Samburu people

Samburu people. ON camp or lodge

22: South Horr, Baragol, Maralal sanctuary.

Drive South Horr, Baragol, Maralal sanctuary. ON lodge or camp

23: Lake Baringo- Naivasha

Lake Baringo- Naivasha. ON lodge or camp

24: Naivasha- Masai Mara

Naivasha- Masai Mara. ON lodge

25: Masai Mara

Game drive at Masai Mara. ON lodge

26: Nairobi

Drive Nairobi. Evening departure (or next day)