GLK 104. Exploring northern Kenya & southern Ethiopia

22 days and 21 nigths

Dassanetch people
Dassanetch people

1: Nairobi-MtKenya

Nairobi-MtKenya (8 hrs, 300 km). Arrival Nairobi. MT Kenya. ON camp or lodge

2: MtKenya-Shaba

Drive for Shaba game reserve. Shaba with its rocky kopje (isolated hills), hot springs and dum palms is one of the best reserves. Camp/lodge

3: Shaba-Samburu/Buffalo Spring

Drive to Samburu & Buffalo Springs with a large amount of flora & fauna. Samburu people territory. ON camp /lodge

4: Samburu-Ngurunet

Kaisut desert, Rendille people territory, drinking blood of camels with milk. At Ngurunet find the Samburu. ON camp.

5: Marsabit

Drive Marsabit, situated at the interior of a volcanic area of 630 kmq, with 22 craters. Drive to Paradise lake, with spectacular views. camp/lodge.

6: Chalbi desert

Visit the village and market of Marsabit, where different tribes meet, as the Rendille, Samburu and others. Camp next to Kalacha oasis, at Gabbra people

7: Kalacha-lake Turkana

Kalacha-lake Turkana, where the Turkana people leave, the most spectacular people of Kenya. They leave of their animals and fishing at Turkana lake. Find also El-molo people, leaving of fish and crocodile meat. ON camp or Oasis lodge

8: Nabuyatom

Explore Nabuyatom area, Samburu people, option visit "Altar" graffits. camp or lodge.

9: Maralal national Sanctuary

Drive south through South Horr and Baragol to reach Maralal national Sanctuary and Samburu people. ON camp or lodge Maralal.

10: Marsabit

We drive to Marsabit arriving late afternoon. ON camp or lodge

11: ElSod crater

Drive to the Borena people and Ethiopia border. Proceed to ElSod crater. camp

12: ElSod crater - Borena people

Walk down to ElSod crater, visit Dublock singing wells, Borena people. camp/ htl

13: Konso villages

Drive to Konso villages and visit their culture and traditions. ON Konso camp/htl

14: Jinka

Visit Derase, Ari, Benna, Tsemay people. If THU very nice market of Tsemay and Erbore people at KeyAfer village. ON Jinka in htl

15: Mago park

Enter into the Mago park visiting different animals, and proceed to visit the Mursi people and villages. Here for beauty women use putting plates into their lips. camp

16: Mago - Karo people

Drive to the Karo people and villages of Duss and Kortcho, with very nice view over Omo river. ON camping Murulle, at Omo river bank, on next to Kortcho village.

17: Mago Park - Turmi

Drive to Kangate for Bume people Then proceed for Hamer people and villages. ON Turmi Evangadi lodge, camp or bungalows.

18: Turmi - Hamer villages

Visit Hamer, Karo and Dassanech people markets, if market day. We'll look also for Hamer marriage ceremonies with the bull jumping. Visit Hamer villages and try to see their dances (Evangadi). ON Turmi.

19: Arbaminch

Visit Erbore & Konso people and villages- ON Arbaminch Swaynes htl.

20: Netch Sar park - Chamo lake

Morning visit Netch Sar park with lot of zebras, endemic Swaynes Hartbeest, wonderful views over Chamo & Abaya lakes. Afternoon boat on Chamo lake for crocodiles (biggest in Africa, long till 7 meters)& hippos. ON Swaynes htl

21: Dorze people - Langano

Morning visit the Dorze people with their unique houses, culture, cultivation of the false banana & more. Relax & overnight at the Wenney eco-lodge at Langano Rift Valley lake.

22: Rift valley lakes NP - Addis

Shala-Abyata Rift valley lakes NP-Addis. Dinner with folkloristic dances. Departure