GLK 103. Ethiopia & Kenya for their culture and wildlife

19 days and 18 nigths


1: Addis Ababa

Arrival Addis Ababa & tour. ON htl

2: Addis Ababa - Shala-Abyata Rift Valley lakes

Addis Ababa - Shala-Abyata Rift Valley lakes NP. ON Wenney ecolodge Langano Rift Valley lake.

3: Langano - Wolayta

Langano - Wolayta & Dorze people + villages- Arba Minch. ON Swaynes htl.

4: Netch Sar park - Chamo lake

Netch Sar park (sanctuary of endemic Swaynes Hartbeest, numerous zebra, wonderful views) & Chamo lake for crocodiles-hippos. ON Swaynes htl

5: Arba Minch & Konso people - Jinka

Arba Minch - Konso people (famous for their traditions and terracing agriculture), Derase, Tsemay, Ari & Benna people (ornaments and hairstyles) (if market day, very colorful markets too) ON Jinka in htl

6: Mago NP

Mursi people & villages where for beauty women use to put plates into their lips- ON camp next to Mursi village or at Mago NP campsite

7: Omo river

Cross the Karo people, visit villages of Duss & Kortcho with spectacular view over Omo river- ON camp Kortcho or Murulle.

8: Omo river

Nyangatom people crossing Omo river- back ON camp Kortcho or Murulle

9: Turmi

Proceed for the very nice Hamer people. ON Turmi bungalows or camp Evangadi lodge.

10: Turmi

Day for Hamer people: visit market of Hamer, Karo and Dassanech people; visit Hamer villages. ON Turmi.

11: Turmi

Visit Hamer people and villages: their dances (Evangadi), look for the marriage ceremonies (with the bull jumping), walk around the villages, and more. ON Turmi.

12: Omorate - Lake Turkana

Drive to Omorate, at bank of Omo river, for Dassanech (Geleb) people. Proceed to lake Turkana. ON camp Ileret.

13: Lake Turkana

Sibiloi game drives, ON camp or lodge.

14: Lake Turkana

Elmolo and stone paintings, ON Loyangalani lodge or camp

15: Samburu and Turkana people

Samburu and Turkana people. ON Loyangalani lodge or camp

16: Maralal

Drive Maralal. ON camp or lodge

17: Samburu

Drive via Wamba to Samburu. ON Samburu lodge or camp

18: Nakuru

Drive Nakuru via Thomson Falls. ON lodge or camp

19: Nairobi

Drive Nairobi. Evening or next day departure