GLT 304. Bale National Park, ElSod Creater, Konso, Arbaminch, and the Rift Valley Lakes

18 days and 17 nigths

Turmi - Hamer market
Turmi - Hamer market

1: Addis Ababa

Arrive Addis Ababa.

2: Bale Goba

Addis Ababa-Bale Goba. O/N htl.

3: Senete plateau and Harrena Escarpment

Senete plateau and Harrena Escarpment (Views, Vegetation, animals). O/N htl.

4: Goba

Sof Omer cave and back to Goba. O/N htl Goba(or Dodola).

5: Wendo

Drive from Goba to Wendo genet resort. O/N Wabe Shebele hotel.

6: Yabelo

Borena people. O/N Yabelo.

7: ElSod crater - Konso

ElSod crater, Dublock singing wells & Borana villages then continue for Konso & their villages. O/N Konso camp of 2* htl.

8: Turmi

At Turmi see markets, dances, ceremonies, life style of Hammer beautiful people. O/N Turmi camp or lodge.

9: Turmi (hammer people)

Hammer people, markets, dances and other ceremonies . O/N Turmi.

10: Omorate and Turkana Lake - Turmi

Drive to Omorate and Turkana Lake (Dassanech and Incoreana people), back to Turmi camping.

11: Karo village

Drive to Karo people & villages. O/N Murulle (bungalow or camp).

12: Mago Park

Enter Mago Park to make Game drive and see the wild life. O/N camp.

13: Mago National Park (mursi people)

Drive to Mursi people. O/N Jinka town (camp or 2* htl).

14: Arbaminch

Drive to Key Afer village for the Ari, Benna and Tsemay peoples O/N Arbaminch htl 3*.

15: Netch Sar park - Chamo Lake

AM Netch Sar Park. PM boating over Chamo lake. O/N Arbaminch htl.

16: Rift Valley lakes - Langano

AM Dorze people. PM Rift Valley lake of Shala, Abyata and Langano. O/N Langano htl.

17: Addis Ababa

Rift Valley lakes. Back to Addis Ababa PM free. O/N chosen htl.

18: Departure