01 - GTL 300. OMO VALLEY

Omo Valley. A real experience whtin nature and people

16 days and 15 nigths

Bale Mountains
Bale Mountains

1: Addis Ababa

Arrival Addis Ababa. Meet the guide at the airport. Transfer hotel. Rest. Afternoon tour of Addis. ON htl

2: Bale Mountains

We drive to the Bale mountains, via Sodore, admiring Awash river, a bath in the hot water swimming pool and lunch. We so proceed via Asela to the Bale National park. ON camping Dinsho

3: Bale Mountains

View of spectacular fauna & flora at the Bale mountains. Morning drive & walk at Sanete plateau, with afro-alpine vegetable & the chance to spot the endemic Semien fox. After a lunch box, drive to the Tuludimtu forest for very nice views, different flora and the chance to spot the endemic Mountain Nyala. Dinner & ON camping Harena forest

4: Bale Mountains - Oromo People

We proceed admiring very nice views and crossing the forest, and then visiting Oromo people villages (Oromo Sidamo & Oromo Bale) & their way of life. ON camping Dolo.

5: Borena People

Visiting Oromo people we reach Borena people & villages. Visit one village with particular traditions. ON camping ElSod, on top of the crater.

6: El Sod Crater. Singing wells. Konso people

Early morning, around 6 am, we walk to the crater, to admire Borena people extracting salt from a marshy lake. When walking back to the crater, have breakfast. Visit singing wells around Elsod. Then we drive to Yabelo & have lunch box on the way. Proceed to Konso and visit one village. ON Kanta lodge or camping near to the king palace. In this case we have the chance to see his village and palace.

7: Key Afer (thursday market). Jinka, Ari People, Mursi People

We proceed to the Weyto river valley. Try to combine the program to be in Thursday to admire the KeyAfer market (of Tsemay & Erbore people). We proceed to Jinka admiring Ari people, & proceed to the Mago National park. Crossing the Neri river we reach the Mursi people village of Elwoha. ON camping.

8: Mursi and body people

Full day for Mursi & Body people visiting their villages & culture, way of life & culture. With luck we look for the donga game (August, September & October). If time permits make a game drive in the late afternoon on the high mountains of the Mago park. ON camping Elwoha.

9: Muguji People

We cross the Mago National park & proceed for the Muguji people & villages. With luck we'll visit in the evening on of their dances. ON camping

10: Daro, nyangatom, hammer people

Visita Karo people villages of Lubuk or Duss & Kortcho. Proceed the to the Nyangatom (Bume) people crossing Omo river, at Kangate. Visit one of their villages, with very interesting cultures. Drive then to the Hamer people e ON bungalows Evangadi lodge www.evangadilodge.com

11: Hammer people and visit turmi market

Full day visit Hamer people villages. Walk to a Hamer village; then proceed to the Monday market of Hamer, Karo & Dassanech people. With luck visit one of the Hamer people marriage ceremony with the bull jumping. And with luck the evening a Hamer people dance: the Evangadi. ON Evangadi lodge

12: Dassanech people and visit turkana lake

We proceed to Omorate village, where we'll visit Dassanech people. Then drive to the Turkana lake, visiting Incoreana people. Back late afternoon to Turmi. ON Evangadi lodge

13: Erober people - Arbaminch

Visit Erbore people & villages, and proceed to Arbaminch. ON Swaynes hotel www.swayneshotel.com

14: Lago Chamo - Netchsar Park

Morning drive to lake Chamo and then make a boat trip admiring crocodiles (the biggest in Africa with length over 7 meters), hippos and birds. Reach the other side of the lake and walk to the Netch Sar park. Visit many animals, as Swaynes Hartbeest, lesser kudu, zebras, birds & more. Reach the mountain top ("Yesghier dildi", which means mountain of paradise) with spectacular view over Chamo & Abaya lakes and the Netch Sar park. Have lunch. Then come same way back; or the cars can reach you at the park and drive back. ON Swaynes htl

15: Dorze people - Langano Lake

Drive to the Dorze people, admiring their villages, and particular way of life and houses. And very nice views. Lunch box. Drive then to the Rift Valley of Langano. Dinner & ON Wenney ecolodge www.wenneyecolodge.com

16: Langano Lake and Sway, Tiya and Adadi Mariam - Addis Ababa

Relax at Langano. Possibility of trakking to Munessa forest, birdwatching, horseriding, cycling, fishing, swimming & more. Lunch. Drive then to Zway lake, Tiya steles & Adadi Mariam church. Reach late afternoon Addis Ababa. Dinner in traditional restaurant with folkloristic dances. Then transfer airport for departure